Gardenia yellow concentrated powder/juice

Rich color foods / Natural Juice Concentrated

Appearance:Orange-yellow to orange-red powder/liquid


Gardenia yellow concentrated powder/juice is a kind of edible natural yellow concentrated powder/juice which is made from the flowers of gardenia fruit plants of Rubiaceae family and is soluble in water.

Product Name


Application Area



 Gardenia yellow concentrated powder/juice




 Orange-yellow to orange-red powder/liquid


Used to give food color in the process of food processing

Widely used in fruit juice (flavor) type drinks, preparation of wine, cakes on makeup, popsicles, ice cream, puffed food, jelly, bread cakes, candy and canned chestnuts, etc. , can also be used in medicine, cosmetics and other industries. Because it belongs to food raw materials, it can be eaten directly or mixed with other foods, and it is not limited by the dosage and range of use.


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