Colorful times welcome the natural color-rich food

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Colorful times welcome the natural color-rich food

People will automatically stay away from many foods with bright colors. In their subconscious, these colorful foods are added many different kinds of pigments. But they must admitted, these colorful foods have a higher facial attractiveness. Based on the marketing needs, the natural color-rich foods come to our life necessarily and lead the development of the industry as a healthy representative.


Color-rich food materials refer to those got from one or more natural colorful food raw materials, such as fruits, vegetables and other plants and algae, by physical processing, with or without the addition of water, sugar, edible oil and other accessories, concentrated or non-concentrated liquid or solid food ingredients. Unlike food additives, especially colorants (food colors) , color-rich food materials are used as food raw materials to give their characteristic colors to the final food and without limitation of additive amount.