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China natural colors Manufacturer

Qingdao Hiche Bio-Technology Co.,Ltd

HICHE was founded in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao in 2003.

HICHE has been deeply involved in the natural colors and compounding industry for 20 years. From a single natural color sales company, it has rapidly developed into a multi-category and multi-channel composite high-tech company integrating production and processing, technology research and development, and domestic and foreign sales.

The company's newly launched color-rich food series is made of natural food raw materials through physical processing. The production process keeps the main properties of the raw materials unchanged as much as possible. The whole process does not use organic solvent extraction. It is used to give food color during food processing, and it can also be eaten directly or mixed with other food. It belongs to the color-rich food used in the food industry. Compared with natural pigments, it is not limited by the amount of additives and the scope of use.

HICHE's business philosophy is to provide customers with the best quality products and technical services at the most competitive prices. 


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